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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gratitude Craft

Give Thanks to the Lord:  (Psalm 33:2)  At Sunday school we celebrated Thanksgiving by reading the book:  Bear Says Thanks (super cute).  For our craft project we made a brown bear (Just like the one in the book) and the kids got to write what they would "Bring to the Feast".  Most of the kids wrote that they would bring food - which simply misses the point.  In the book, Bear brings stories because his cupboards are bare.  If I had had more time (any teachers able to relate?) I would've worked harder to develop this concept with the kiddos.  I LOVE the book and the craft project turned out cute anyway.

This is what we did:

  1.  I cut out all the peices for the kids.  They just had to glue them in place.
  2. You need a round head, oval body, and 4 boot legs.  You will need two semi-circle ears, and a pom for the nose and another pom for the tail (missing in my picture), and two wiggly eyes.
  3. Print out:  To the Feast I will Bring: and let the kids write their answer.
I Love the way the end product looks but it does lack creativity.  The kids had fun making it but for the most part all of the projects looked exactly the same.  I might try to change it up a bit to account for differences among kids.  Older kids could have a good time with the writing prompt.... (and cutting out the peices).
My inspiration came from: Here

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