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Friday, February 15, 2013

Crayon T-shirt

We found a fun activity over at: Alpha Mom a CRAYON T-shirt!  We LOVED that we had all the materials at our house.  It was a fun craft to start out our Friday morning.  She has a great tutorial that we followed.

but, this is what we did:

  1. Use crayons to color on a piece of sandpaper.  The darker you press the more vibrant it will appear on your shirt.
  2. Put a piece of cardboard (I used a cereal box) under the front of the t-shirt so that you won't get crayon on the back of the t-shirt.
  3. Place your drawing face down on the front of the t-shirt.
  4. Put a small dish towel over the back of the sandpaper.
  5. On a medium setting, iron over the towel.
  6. Peel back the sandpaper to reveal your design.
  7. Put it in the dryer for about 20 minutes to set the design.
  8. Wash alone - so that you don't get crayon on the entire load of laundry.
Wouldn't it be cute if the kids drew a picture of their family?  I also think it would be cool to have them draw a picture on a piece of fabric and then frame it for their room.  Of course, you could have them just draw a picture and frame it but its fun for the kids to use different textures!  LOVE It!  Does anyone know if there is way to get a design onto the sandpaper for the kids to color in...such as a coloring book page?

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