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Friday, February 15, 2013

Get The Picture?

I LOVE framed art, especially when it's "up close and personal."   Most of my favorite wall decor is made from photos taken by myself or other family members.  I just group photos together in a single frame or in a group of two or more with each group having a common theme.  I have no formal training in photography, but I sure LOVE my Canon digital camera!  It allows me to create and display special memories and also save money in the process.

This is what I did:

My son took these photos of coins when in a high school photography class.

I took these sunset photos out west when visiting my brother and his family.

  1. I bought inexpensive frames or found them on sale.  I only paid $15.00 for the bottom matted frame.  None of these frames came with non glare glass (which is quite expensive), but I found old frames with non glare glass at thrift stores and I used the glass for the three frames in the top photo.  I paid less than $2 for each one.
  2. I had the photos printed at Walmart for less than $5 each.  These are all 5 x 7.  The top photos are black and white, but the bottom is in color.  I've also had 8 x 10 photos printed in sepia tone for other groupings in my home.
  3. I put them in frames and hung them up.
It's fun to display new photos seasonally so hopefully I'll soon be replacing my snowy winter photos  with budding, green Spring time images!  Can't wait!

If you don't enjoy taking photos but want expensive looking wall art at inexpensive prices, you might consider buying a poster you LOVE, cutting it into a grouping, and framing it up as I did. 

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