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Monday, February 4, 2013

Heart Lanterns

The boys and I made heart lanterns on a whim today.  I think they turned out really cute especially because we didn't have a plan in place!  My Little Guy LOVES his lantern.  He was carrying it around the house this morning.

This is what we did:

  1. We used small Kerr jars.
  2. I bought FLORAL wire at the Dollar Store.  (Floral Wire is key - it is super easy to manipulate.  My Little Guy could do this by himself!)
  3. Twist the floral wire around the lip of the jar.
  4. Add pony beads.
  5. Form into the shape of a heart.
  6. Add heart stickers (if you want).  We bought a big box at Target for $5.00 in the Valentine's Day aisle.
  7. Add Epsom salt to the bottom of the jar.
  8. Add an LED candle - these are available at the Dollar Store too!
  9. Put the lid back on the jar.
  10. Voila! Heart Lanterns
 This project did not take very long!  Maybe...15 minutes!  This project could very easily be adapted for any holiday.  The floral wire twists/bends very easily.  I think you could also color the epsom salt - add a little food coloring.  I'm not sure what we are going to do with the lanterns.  We might take them apart and make something different for St. Patrick's Day??   It was a fun project and I LOVED that I had all the supplies in my craft cupboard.  I didn't spend anything on this project!

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