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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Brighten Your Outside Table

I LOVE family celebrations (which always involves food) and I LOVE spending time outside.  So when the weather finally warms, I wash the table, put up the umbrella, and light the candles.  My family fills their plates and we all head outside for the patio - only to find that my candles have blown out.  So when I recently saw a pin of a table centerpiece with holes drilled in driftwood for tea lights, I got an idea to decorate my table and solve my windy day problem.

This is what I did:

I found a piece of slab wood (30" long) with natural bark, but any piece of wood would work and any length to fit your table.  It would look nice with Spanish moss glued to the surface.

I had my husband drill five 1 1/2" holes in diameter evenly spaced approximately 1/2" deep.

I hot glued two air plants in small shells and placed moss around them to help keep the plants moist.  I then hot glued them in two of the drilled holes.  I chose air plants because they do not require soil and can flourish in small containers when watered and/or misted weekly.  My small shells fit nicely in the drilled holes.

I hot glued shells to the driftwood and placed battery flickering LED lights in the remaining three holes.  It was fun to display my small collection of shells - a reminder of warmer days ahead!

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